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Even to carry out small or medium waste disposal projects, one will need a realistic Waste Management plan to convince his client, either a municipality, hospital orco-operate organization, to guarantee the proposed clean environment.

This will lead to the presentation of an Integrated Waste Management Plan where Wasco could be the partner to assist in business proposals.

Our nearly 3 decade lasting experience in the Waste Management Industry on the African continent, has proved that the appropriateness of certain technologies towards African habits should be adopted.

  • Adequate and easy to handle waste container equipment
  • Effective low maintenance collection methods
  • General waste collection equipment
    - Refuse compaction trucks-2hd. Refuse collection trucks
    - Roll off trucks-2hd. Suction vehicles-2hd. Hook lift trucks
  • Waste Management Control Systems
  • Route planning
  • Servicing of truck equipment
  • Integration of sorting and composting facilities
  • Proposing tariff charging systems

WASCO International (Pty) Ltd

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Fax SA: 0866 205 185
Fax Intl: 088 21 856 06 71
Email: info@wascoafrica.co.za
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