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Containers for the conveyance of goods

Waste container leasing facilities available for housing estates and industries

Our range of galvinized steel container is reaching from 200 Liter wheelie bins to 800 Liter galvanized
and the 1100 Liter 4 wheeled container which are all produced in compliance to Standard EN 840 and coated
with a hot dip zinc layer of 70 - 90 micron. The bins are hot dip galvanized after production. Which ensures
maximum protection against rusting and acids.

Galvanized bins are available with flat plastic lids, steel galvanized lids and Dome lids, or foot pedal for
lid lifting, depending on Type. Due to its long lifespan which can reach up to 15 Years when handled
with care, our Hot dip galvanized bins can be leased out to Estates and Residential premises.

Inquiry for bins: 072 527 3679

Please contact us for detailed descriptions of products.

200 Liters galvanized waste wheelie bin 80 Liter galvanized round bin 110 Liter galvanized round bin

110 Liter galvanized round bin with wheels

50 Liter galvanized stainless steel bin
Outdoor Garbage bin
galvanized dustbin

50 Liter curved bin

50 Liter Yellow Square bin
Street side waste bin
street litter bin

800 Liters galvanized waste container with metal lid

M3 1100 Liters galvanized waste container with plastic lid 1100 Liters galvanized waste container with dome lid


Wheelie bins, Plastic refuse bins. 50 Liter Streeet litter bins, 80 Liter bins, 120 Liter bins, 240 Liter bins,
360 Liters bins, 660 Liter bins, 1100 Liter bins, recycling bins and MGB mobile garbage bins

Compliance to EN-840 (European Standard) Made from virgin material. Include additives for resistance to UV,
heat and chemicals. Solid steel axle and solid rubber wheels.


100 Liter recycling wheelie bin 50 Liter twin litter bin with mounting brackets

120 Liter wheelie pedal bin
Wheelie bins with lid opening pedal
Pedal bin
Plastic pedal bin

240 Liter bin

360 Liter bin 660 Liter bin

1 100 Liter bin
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